Fun Adventures

It’s time to make memories

Break free from the shore. Trade the well-worn path for a waterway.

Whatever fun activity you choose to do, it starts at our home dock, from where our mothership will take you to outlying attractions. Quicksilver – the coolest mothership in all of Bocas, can be loaded with our slick Hobie Eclipses or the stable Hobie Outbacks. Or embark on a personalized boat trip to enjoy snorkeling or simply appreciating the scenery.

We take a maximum of 4 people on an adventure – no pedaling in a crowd!

Eclipse pedalboard adventures

Glide through the water at exceptional speed with the power of pedals. Move nimbly and effortlessly using fingertip steering controls. Hobie’s Eclipse is the world’s first leg-powered stand up board. Designed for a beginner to an expert athlete, it has virtually no learning curve. Enjoy the stability, power and control to chart your own course.

Outback kayak adventures

This fine-tuned kayak is not only exceptionally stable, it is highly versatile, fast, quiet and exceedingly nimble. Its revolutionary pedal drive system allows forward and backward motion at the flick of a toggle, with dual hand control steering. Enjoy the water in comfort from the luxury 4-way adjustable seat.

Custom boat trips

Board the coolest ride in town for an unforgettable cruise designed according to your wishes. Quicksilver, our 32’ custom built aluminum landing craft, is ready to safely and quickly take you to your chosen destinations. With its unique bow gate and safety ladder, getting in or out of the water is a breeze.