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Why Us and faq´s

Bocas Water Fun is a family owned and managed business. That means you get the best attention, all the time.

We are ready to welcome you on board.

  • Located in the incredibly beautiful Bocas del Toro archipelago
  • Our home dock is conveniently located in the center of the archipelago, on Isla Colon, in town
  • The coolest mothership that ensures comfort and safety
  • We specialize in kayak adventures
  • High-end Hobie Outback pedal/paddle kayaks
  • Small groups of 4 people maximum – no kayaking in a crowd!
  • The itinerary is flexible – you decide what you want to do and see
  • Personal attention from the responsive crew

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Home Dock and Bocas

We are fortunate to be a low-density operator in terms of the number of people we have on board at any time. We take our cue from the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) and have implemented policies and procedures we deem necessary to deliver a safe experience.

Yes, you can safely store personal belongings, if not stored at the hotel. 

We are a short 300m walk from the ferry dock.


Just ask around, everybody knows where the ferry dock is. From the ferry dock, walk past Diver’s Paradise, we are on the left-hand side. Look for our name on the garden gate.


If you need to use a taxi, you can instruct the driver with this: “Calle sexta, entre Hotel Olas y Dos Palmas”.

Yes. Bocas has good mobile coverage with only occasional downtime.

However, at the outlying  destinations Bird Island, Zapatillas) you will not have coverage.

The temperature in Bocas del Toro varies so little throughout the year that it is not entirely meaningful to discuss hot and cold seasons. The temperature typically varies from 23°C to 30°C (73°F to 86°F).


Cloud coverage can be summarized as follows: 20% of the time it is clear, 20% is overcast and the remaining 60% varies between most clear to mostly cloudy.


The rainy season runs from May to November, with a 60% chance of rain during this period. July has the highest rainfall with an average of 240mm (9.5 in).


The length of the day in Bocas del Toro does not vary substantially over the course of the year, staying within 40 minutes of 12 hours throughout. Sunrise varies between 06h10 and 06h50.


Bocas has high humidity throughout the year. The northerly trade winds blow from December to March, the remainder of the year is fairly calm in terms of wind.


The sea water temperature varies little: between 27°C and 29°C (81°F and 84°F).


Panama lies outside the so-called hurricane belt.

Yes, there are three ATMs. You can withdraw cash with Visa and MasterCard credit- and debit cards.

The short answer is the US dollar.


Here is the full answer: Panama's official currency is the balboa. The rate of exchange for the balboa has always been tied to the US dollar—one balboa equals one dollar. Panama does not, however, print its own paper currency and instead uses the US dollar as legal tender. Panamanian coins come in 1, 5, 10, 25, and 50-cent pieces.

Panama’s time is UTC-5 and the country does not have daylight saving.


Just use the enquiry form on our Contact page and we will take the conversation from there.


If you have questions, you can chat to us on mobile or WhatsApp +507 6148 5181, or look for the WhatsApp or Messenger icon in the footer.

We accept PayPal or cash.

We don’t have a minimum, but the maximum is 4.

We encourage clients to bring their own smartphones, cameras or GoPros and share their footage with us. Having said that, the crew on the mothership always try to capture video footage and/or photos, which we will gladly share with you.

In terms of clothes, definitely your swimsuit! And a quick-drying shirt for sun protection. The mothership does not have a private change room, so wear your swimmies. Remember your hat and comfy sandals or flipflops. We supply a Turkish towel for your personal use but you could consider bringing your own towel too – it’s always handy to have available.

As for accessories, we strongly recommend sunglasses and of course a camera/smartphone for that killer selfie!

We try and prevent an emergency before the need to manage one. Wearing a PFD with a safety whistle is recommended and our kayaks sport safety flags. A properly equipped mothership with a safety minded crew is always on call.


In the event of an emergency the strongly powered mothership can get you to our home dock quickly. Bocas Town boasts a brand-new hospital with good facilities. In more urgent cases, you can be airlifted to Panama City, where world class care is available.


Although medical care in Panama is affordable, it is advisable to buy travel insurance for the duration of your stay.